Welcome to Ebbas Mat & Kaffe


Summer dinner at Ebbas

Come and try our special evening menu with starters, main courses and desserts.   Ebbas will together with Ebbes store, be open durinmg three evenings in July on 14th, 21st and 28th. As an extra treat we will serve you while you are comfortably seated at the table.

Evening menu main courses 

Lamb tenderloin with garlic crème and potato cake 230: -

Neat beef on prime rib with green pepper sauce and fried potatoes 165: -

Cod back with white wine sauce and mashed potatoes 170: -

A vegetarian alternative will also be available and presented shortly 

Call and reserv a table to secure your place

Opening hours

May 11 - 16

June 10 - 18

July 10 - 18

August 10 - 18

September 11 - 16



Ebbas mat och kaffe is situtated in the central part of Fårö not far from the famous beach Sudersand. We serve hot meals, sallads, sandwiches and pastry. Ebbas serves hot and cold drinks such as soft drinks, tea and excellent coffee. 

We take orders to go.